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Robert Imbriale

Robert Imbriale is best-selling author, coach, speaker with nearly 3 decades of experience training business owners and entrepreneurs on building world-class organizations.  He's an accomplished marketer and Internet marketing pioneer who remains deeply involved in the digital economy.  
These are the secrets that you were NEVER taught in school, yet every wealthy person lives by these 10 strategies for both creating and preserving their wealth. 

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Good day Mr Robert ,

Thank you for the book 'Secrets to Wealth'. I just downloaded it and read through and I can testify that you excellently captured it. This statement in the book did it all for me, 'Again, there is no lack of money. If you become wealthy, so can anybody else. Your wealth does NOT rob anybody else of the opportunity to become wealthy! There is plenty to go around! And there always will be!" 

Can't agree the more with all the 10 secrets. Thank you for all you do.

- Jampaul Yakubu
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